Every Wednesday, 7:15pm

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Does God’s Word offer guidance to youth? Is it even relevant to today’s teen? Let’s face it; teenage years can be very difficult but the Bible is full of pertinent topics and advice for the modern adolescent. That’s one of the beauties of God’s Word; it’s timeless. God knew the struggles and challenges the young people of today would face, and that’s why He offers many words of wisdom, guidance and hope. This is what our youth program is all about. It’s about deciphering God’s message to us. What does the Bible say about the way we should live our life? Does the Bible offer advice on topics such as gossip, relationships, and leisure time?

Our teens and young people age 13 and older meet weekly to learn and discuss topics like these. It’s a chance to grow and build a solid foundation in Jesus Christ. Friendships are formed and fellowship is enjoyed around singing and learning from God’s word in a safe atmosphere with bible study, games, and snacks.

To see upcoming events or find a CYC in your area visit the California CYC homepage.



CYCresource.com is a place for young Christadelphians to find strength, encouragement, and fellowship in what can be a difficult time of life.

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