San Diego Study Day 2016 with Bro. Shane Kirkwood

San Diego Study Day 2015 with Bro. Clyde Snobelen

06-01-14 – Seminar; Russia, Armageddon, and you – Bro. Greg Robinson

Russia will invade Israel, then Jesus will return

by Bro. Stephen Palmer

04-13-14 – Russia will invade Israel, then Jesus will return – Bro. Stephen Palmer

Kids Camp 2013: Moses – That they may know that I am Yahweh 

Classes by:   Bro. Jim Styles

J Styles Class 1 Class 1: Redemption Out of Egypt PowerPoint 

J Styles Class 2 Class 2: Moses’s Early Life PowerPoint

J Styles Class 3 Class 3: Moses Demands Pharaoh to Let Israel Go PowerPoint

J Styles Class 4 Class 4: Plagues 5-9 PowerPoint

J Styles Class 5 Class 5: Departing Egypt and Crossing the Red Sea PowerPoint

Classes by:   Bro. Mike Moore PowerPoint

M Moore Class 1 Class 1: Israel’s Suffering in Egypt 

M Moore Class 2 Class 2: The Burning Bush and Moses Heads to Egypt 

M Moore Class 3 Class 3: The First Four Plagues 

M Moore Class 4 Class 4: Passover and Death of the Firstborn 


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