We are Brothers and Sisters in Christ who believe in, and have been baptized into, the saving name of Jesus Christ.  Our belief in the one true gospel found in the Bible unites us together with a world wide community of like-minded believers.

Community is important to us, as we understand that through Fellowship we encourage and support each other.

We live in all parts of the county; from Mission Bay, to Carlsbad, to Ramona, to Temecula.  We are geographically spread out and from diverse backgrounds, but we all have one thing that binds us together; our faith in the truth of God’s word and our love for one another.  It’s what keeps us meeting together in Escondido as we have for the past thirty years.


We welcome you to join us and experience the benefits of a warm, loving community.  We meet weekly for Bible Study, Sunday School and Memorial Worship Service.

You can find other Christadelphians at Christadelphia.org

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